The Nancy Sever Gallery was pleased to present as its first exhibition for 2017 Suzanne Moss | Make Light of It.  
Suzanne Moss began her artistic career with an intensive drawing course at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici in Florence in 1988. She went on to gain a BA (Visual) from the Australian National University (ANU) with First Class Honours, a University Medal and the Embassy of Spain’s Torres Scholarship to Spain. In 2008 she was awarded an ANU Field Studies Grant for research in London, New York and Florence, and in 2009 was awarded first prize in the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Premio Italia award. In 2010 she received her Doctorate of Philosophy (Visual Art, Painting) at the ANU for her investigation into the methods, materiality, spatial illusion and poetics of painted light. Suzanne began mentoring painting students in 2006 and subsequently lectured and supervised at the ANU School of Art from 2007 to 2014. In 2014 she was artist-in-residence at Hill End and in 2015, at Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany. 
After two solo exhibitions at Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney, most recently Suzanne’s paintings have been shown in significant groups exhibitions: Divine Abstraction (curated by Dr Rachael Kohn) Justin Art House Museum, Melbourne (2016) and A Distillation of Light – Robert Hunter & Suzanne Moss Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria (2015). 
Foundational to Suzanne’s art practice is a love of diagrams and luminous natural phenomena. These provide her with key visual language to respond to philosophical inquiry - questions such as ‘What might love look like?’ High-key colour compositions explore optical, rhythmic, spatial and poetic possibilities while offering a reassessment of the intersection between ancient mandalas and geometric abstraction,” she writes. “I associate three qualities to formlessly translate into paintings: luminosity, emanation and a sense of the infinite.” Several paintings in this exhibition were inspired by the 13th century Persian sufi mystic, Rumi. 
Suzanne Moss currently works at her M 16 Artspace Studio in Canberra. Founder of Creative at Work, she gives mindful arts classes and coaches in creative thinking. She also leads small group study tours to Florence. 
The artist will give a floor talk at the Gallery at 3pm, Sunday 5th March. 


Artist’s Statement.

About ten years ago, the course of my painting practice was altered by a simple question: What might love look like? The non-verbal answer came as light, space and a grid-based dynamic of emanating and returning, and this visual language persists, in varying degrees in my paintings. 
I like to ask questions. Most of the paintings are inspired by some kind of impossible enquiry, resonant poetry and luminous phenomena in nature. The structures of the Flame series are imagined from inside a flame looking out into an interior space. Their planes of colour are moved many times during the making of a painting. Another example - Love dogs - comes from the 13th Century Sufi mystic poet Rumi where the howl of a dog for its’ master is the metaphor for human yearning… the longing you express is the return message.1 For Rumi, to yearn is to love and the dynamic one of emanation and return. Can you see the hidden flower blossoming? 
Painting contains yearning, at least for me. Materials are harnessed - materials, colours composed within geometric structures - in an attempt to hold the essence of an experience as a mandala is said to do. I think of my paintings as shelters for poetic experiences - an idea from John Berger. 
Writing about Francisco de Zurbarán’s The House of Nazareth, Berger notes how the painting shelters Mary imagining the future.2 He also describes the poem as a shelter within which the transient nature of experience might be housed and through so doing prevents its disappearance and brings “a kind of peace”.3 This is why I paint. If I could only capture the experience of feeling consumed by the sky at dusk all fire and bruised plums slowly flooded by a bath of indigo. To translate experience to diagram is the best I can do: Evening bliss (on the way home) is a reminder of being human; how we might still be deeply touched by beauty and be replenished.  
Bob Nickas suggests the painter of abstraction slows down perception, a very good thing ‘…when the daily flood of images appears unrelenting, when millions of people across the face of the earth can lift up their cell phones and “make a picture” in an instant, can stop time for one one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth of a second, abstraction…can be seen as an antidote.’4
And if a painting irritates through it’s perceived failure to deliver saturated colours or recognisable things, one might ask – ‘what is it that I’m looking for?’ Rather than the work delivering, we might bring ourselves to the work with curiosity, attuning to our sensory experience of what is present. ‘The less there is to look at’ notes Kirk Varnedoe in one of his famous A.W. Mellon lectures, ‘the more important it is that we look at it closely and carefully.’5  
I sometimes ask ‘Tell me what happens when you stay looking at the painting a little longer. How does the surface feel when you touch it with your eyes? What happens if you stand back and try to see beyond the surface? And how might it sound if it were music?’ The invitation is there to be curious and see what happens. 

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Artworks included in the exhibition:

(for details of the works, please click and hold cursor over the image)

Suzanne Moss' Biographical details


2010-11           Visionary Leadership Programme and Coaching Certificate

2006-2010          Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Art, Painting), The Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.

2009                Pinnacle Graduate Teacher Training Programme, ANU

2007                Graduate Teacher Training Programme, ANU

2001-2003       BA (Visual) Honours 1A and University Medal, ANU, Canberra.

2000                BA (Fine Arts) Year 1, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.

1992-7             Private painting tuition, Redgrave Studios, Wagga Wagga

1988                Intensive Drawing Course, Lorenzo Scuolo de Medici, Florence, Italy

1982-5             BAppSc. (Physio) Sydney University.


Solo Exhibitions

2014                The lightness of flight. Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney

2012                Painting light, touching space. Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney.

2011                Suzanne Moss. Melbourne Affordable Art Fair. Royal Exhibition Building.

2010                Painting light, touching space. ANU School of Art Gallery,

                        Doctoral Research Exhibition, Canberra.

2009                Suzanne Moss. Review. Foyer Gallery, ANU School of Art.

2005                Space for Peace. Australian National Capital Artists’ (ANCA) Gallery, Canberra.

2004                Bittersweet Mini-Series. ANCA Gallery, Canberra.

Recent Group Exhibitions

2016                Wall to Wall M 16 Artspace, Canberra

2016                Divine Abstraction (curated by Dr Rachael Kohn) with Peter Daverington, Gina Jones, Colin Jordon, Gabriella Possum Nungarrayi,                                       Penelope Davis, Suzanne Moss, Magda Cebokli, Ash Keating, Justin Andrews, Lucas Davidson, Dinh Cong Dat, Gregory Bennet,                                         Catherine Nelson, Tim Maquire and Andre Piguet Justin Art House Museum Melbourne May - June 2016

2015                A Distillation of Light – Robert Hunter & Suzanne Moss (16 May – Aug 9), Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria

2015                Sydney Contemporary Art Fair with Liverpool Street Gallery

2015                Going Steady: Mid-Career Canberra artists, ANCA, Canberra

2014                Perceptions of Space: The Justin Collection. Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Melbourne.

2013                62nd Blake Prize Director’s Cut Online until April 22, 2014

2013                Dear Moth…Suzanne Moss & Denise Higgins. CSIRO Discovery Centre,

                        Black Mountain, Canberra.

2013                LSG2013 Liverpool Street Gallery exhibition of work by represented artists.

2012                Poetic Structures: Suzanne Moss, Gary Smith, Elefteria Vlavianos, Denise Higgins. M16 Artspace, Canberra.

2012                Frames of Reference. Gallery Langford 120, Melbourne.

2011                Blaze 5. Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House.

2010                This Way Up. An exhibition series of recent abstract painting. ANU School of Art Gallery, M16 Artspace and ANCA Gallery.

2010                59th Blake Prize. National Art School Gallery, Sydney.


The Embassy of Spain, Canberra; The Australian War Memorial, Canberra; Canberra Grammar School; Justin Art House Museum and private collections in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Cape Town, South Africa.

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Professional Practice

2016                Presented 2 day Level 1 course in Jugenheim, Germany

2016                Organised and presented 2 week art and language retreat in Florence, Italy

2016                Presentation for The Jung Society of Canberra on Colouring

2015                Artist’s talk Pictures of Nothing in 5 parts at Latrobe Regional Gallery

2015                Developed and presented Colour Like a Champion! Courses privately

2015                Presentation for the Jung Society of Canberra

2015                Co-judge for Annual Art Society of Canberra Exhibition with Ruth Waller, Head of Painting, ANU School of Art

2012 -              Tennant M 16 Artspace

2012 -              Private Visual Arts Educator and Creativity Coach

2015                Artist in residence Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, Italy (April)

2014                Presenter Creativity in Teaching and Research workshop for Dr Kate Flaherty, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences.

2014                Artist in residence Hill End, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (November).

2014                ANU School of Art sessional Lecturer Foundations Studies (Figure and Life Drawing) and Painting Workshop (Colour & Composition)

2013                Lecturing as Performance training with Amanda Burrell, Captivus Consulting

2013                Teacher of Starting Point art classes at Belconnen Art Centre

2013                Visiting Artist CSIRO’s Australian National Insect Collection, Black Mountain, Canberra

2013                Invited presenter - Abstraction Forum Painting Workshop ANU School of Art

2013                Lecturer & Supervisor ANU School of Art Painting Workshop

2012                Invited presenter - Renaissance Symposium, ANU School of Art Painting Workshop at National Gallery of Australia

2012                ANU School of Art sessional Lecturer Painting and Art Theory Workshops

2011                ANU School of Art sessional Lecturer Painting Workshop (3rd year Students) and Foundation Studies Workshop, Life Drawing

2010                ANU School of Art sessional Lecturer and tutor, Painting and Art Theory Workshops

2006-10           Doctoral candidate (Visual Arts), Painting, ANU School of Art

2009                ANU School of Art Sessional Lecturer, Painting Workshop

2008                ANU School of Art Tutor, Art Theory Workshop Cool Old Masters

2006-7             ANU School of Art Assistant drawing teacher & mentor, Painting Workshop


Awards and Grants

2015                Artist in Residence, Il Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, Italy   

2014                Artist in Residence, Hill End, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

2012                CAPO Rosalie Gascoigne Memorial Award(Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation) for development of new work.

2012                ArtsACT Grant for development of new work.

2006-10           Australian National University Graduate Award - PhD Scholarship

2009                Instituto Italiano di Cultura Premio Italia’Award, 1stfor ‘Love in the time of quanta’

2008                Instituto Italiano di Cultura Premio Italia’Award, 2nd for ‘Piazza of light’

2008                ANU Field Studies Grant for research in Florence, London, New York.

2007                ANU School of Art Materials Grant

2003                ANU University Medal in the Honours School of Visual Art

2003                ANU Emerging Artists’ Support Scheme (EASS) Embassy of Spain Travelling Scholarship to Spain

2003                ANU EASS Acquisition award from The Australian War Memorial, Canberra

2003                ANU EASS Acquisition award from Canberra Grammar School, Canberra