6 MAY - 5 JUNE 2016

In 2008, Basil Hall Editions and the Drill Hall Gallery at the ANU presented Etched in the Sun, an exhibition of prints made by Indigenous artists in collaboration with Basil Hall and his printers between 1997 and 2007.

Etched in the Sun II  features a selection of prints done by Basil Hall Editions over the last eight years, accompanied by earlier works that Basil has made with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

Highlights of this exciting exhibition include five new etchings from Warmun artists in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and the Desert Mob Panel, 40 woodcuts by artists from 40 communities across Central Australia. A beautiful and complex colour etching by Nyapari artist Maringka Baker and large silkscreen prints from the same community by Kay and Teresa Baker will also be on show.

In his 30 years as a collaborating printer with artists, Basil has introduced hundreds of artists to printmaking and trained and employed well over 50 printers in his various studios in Canberra, Darwin and Braidwood. A number of earlier collector’s pieces by Garry Shead, Jenny Sages and Judy Watson are in the exhibition too, as are etchings from aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.

The exhibition opened at the Nancy Sever Gallery on Friday 6 May 2016 and runs to 5 June. For further information please contact Nancy Sever at or Tel 02 6239 5434. The Gallery is open Wed–Sun 11-6.


Works included in the exhibition:

Artworks currently available for purchase:

20TH Anniversary Desert Mob Print Folio

As part of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Desert Mob, Basil Hall Editions has produced the first complete collection of prints from all of the art centres currently affiliated with Desart, the Association of Central Australian Art and Craft Centres.

Forty art centres were each sent a wood block, tools and instructions in early 2010 and invited to select an artist to cut, burn, drill or incise the block in some way. Basil Hall Editions then made a small edition of 20 from each of the 40  blocks. Ten of these prints were given to the artists to sell through their art centres. They are boxed in specially made folios which are decorated with individually commissioned tjanpi coil designs.  Two complete boxed folio sets with 40 woodcuts are available for purchase at $6,600 each. Additionally another set has been framed for the exhibition and  40 woodcuts are available for purchase individually at $220 each.

The 40 woodblocks have been used to produce 5 large panel pieces with 8 woodcuts each in a limited edition of 15. A full set of five panels is available for purchase at $6,600.  The last set  has been made available for purchase individually at $1,750 per panel (framed) or $1,400 (unframed).