5 JULY - 6 AUGUST 2017

The Nancy Sever Gallery is pleased to present Elisabeth Kruger | The Sea Paintings, an exhibition of recent works.

Elisabeth Kruger was born in New Caledonia and currently lives in Canberra. She is a graduate of the Australian National University School of Art. In 1989 she was awarded the Moët et Chandon Fellowship and in the following year she took up an Arts Council residency at Besozzo, Italy. Since then she has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s leading artists.

As Dr. Jenny McFarlane has written of her work, Elisabeth Kruger is a master painter whose attention to detail and technical skill in creating highly realistic paintings immediately capture our imagination and admiration. Her work engages the viewer, while the perfectionism of detail and her self-imposed painterly discipline are rigorous and exacting.

Elizabeth Kruger is a master of working with oil paints, in particular with glazes of thin paint that are applied to create the rich glowing effects in the paintings. Ironically, she uses a painterly genre that is steadily disappearing to offer us a glimpse of nature that is also steadily disappearing due to global warming.

Her work is based upon a universal aesthetic that reaches across place and spiritual culture. The paintings in this exhibition emerged from a period of personal loss that has echoes in a longstanding concern for the environment. Sea level rise is also the subject of much anxiety and waves crashing against the coastline, as depicted in this series, will doubtless find resonance with the anxiety many feel about climate change.

Elisabeth Kruger | The Sea Paintings opens at the Nancy Sever Gallery on Wednesday 5 July 2017.  For further information please contact Nancy Sever at nancy.sever@iinet.com.au or Tel 02 6239 5434.  The Gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.


There is the sea of sandy summer days melting beneath cotton wool clouds. There is the ferrying sea of deep else wheres and dangerous fabled monsters.

There is too the ceaselessly tumbling sea, churning and surging at its craggy hems. This that tides itself in lacey, foam rimmed sand for each beginning.

And the perilous sea that begins with a small 'c'

And ends with a dark mute missingness.

Elisabeth Kruger

Our Cambrian coast

In this body of work Elisabeth Kruger tears us from the garden of riotous blooms, fresh greens and pink blushes to a world of greys.

Grief crashes against rocks, the tide of life is sucked out, a hollowness pulls vertiginously at our gut. The plenitude of the garden is washed out with the tide and an immense aching vacuum is left on the strand. Then Grief crashes again, against the Cambrian coastline. We observe the brutal violence of inarticulate grief batter against the rocks that will manifest the marks of this violence only over millennia. Feeling and numbness, violence and immovability, the roiling, murmuring deep collides with the choppy outgoing tide. Kruger shows us a liminal space between the pugnacity and powerlessness of the experience of loss. Mute desolation and voiced despair are played out in paint. As the spray flies up and is frozen in paint, figuration meets abstraction within a framework of compositional elegance, complexity is held in effortless balance and with the flick of her brush Kruger has us catch our breath in shared pain.

Alain de Botton reminds us that sorrow is written into the very contract of life and that one of the more important things that art can do for us is to teach us how to suffer ‘more successfully’. Far from being alone in our all-consuming experience of loss, out of her generosity Kruger reminds us that we must all come to share in this central and universal feature of life.[1]  Our imaginary museum is dense with paintings of personal scarification but rarely is the ubiquitous experience of shattering loss captured with such power.

As the sea crashes against the coast Kruger has made the personal political and enabled a more global conversation about grief and the rising tide. In delegating to our South Coast the role of ‘talking cure’ she has enabled a conversation on Grief, on Sorrow, on Painting.

Dr. Jennifer McFarlane

June 2017


[1] De Botton, Alain. & Armstrong, John.  (2016).  Art as therapy.  London :  Phaidon Press Limited p. 24

Artworks included in the exhibition:

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Elisabeth Kruger

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