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When they were introduced to the medium of printmaking, Aboriginal artists in remote communities of the Northern Territory and Western Australia showed great enthusiasm for the various techniques on offer, finding parallels between these and traditional methods of creating artworks. Basil Hall, master printmaker, has been working as a collaborating printer with Aboriginal artists since 1983. For 16 of these years, he was based in Darwin where he and a group of experienced printmakers made prints with many hundreds of artists from over 55 Art Centres in Central Australia, Arnhem Land, the Tiwi Islands and the Kimberley area of Western Australia.

In 2001 he established Basil Hall Editions (BHE), which has since initiated some of the most exciting art projects carried out in remote communities throughout Australia. BHE is a centre of printmaking excellence, providing expert assistance to artists who wish to collaborate in the making of etchings, silkscreen prints, relief prints and collographs.

In 2012 BHE relocated from Darwin to Braidwood in rural NSW, not far from Canberra. Here, the BHE team hand-prints the paintings on acetate and wood blocks and the etching plates that the artists have made. These editions find their way into galleries Australia-wide and overseas.


As part of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Desert Mob, Basil Hall Editions has produced the first complete collection of prints from all of the art centres currently affiliated with Desart, the Association of Central Australian Art and Craft Centres.

The art centres were each sent a wood block, tools and instructions in early 2010 and invited to select an artist to cut, burn, drill or incise the block in some way. Basil Hall Editions then made a small edition of 20 from each block.

Ten of these prints were given to the artists to sell through their art centres and ten are available for sale in complete sets from our stockroom. They are boxed in specially made folios which are decorated with individually commissioned tjanpi coil designs. The 40 blocks have also been mounted and used to produce 5 large panel pieces with 8 woodcuts each, which are also available from our stock room.

Presentation box for Desert Mob Folio Set
(40 woodcuts).

Cover for Presentation box for Desert Mob Folio   

Cover for Presentation box for Desert Mob Folio

Desert Mob Folio Box, 40 woodcuts. Edition 7/10 $6,600 (unframed in presentation box)

Desert Mob Panel Set, 40 woodcuts, five sheets with 8 woodcuts each. Edition 2/15  $6,600 

Desert Mob Panel. One section with eight woodcuts. $1,400 (unframed).


Series 5 - East and West. 2011. 

A collaboration by Basil Hall Editions with six artists:  three from Turkey Creek in Western Australia: Mabel Juli, Sade Carrington and Shirley Purdie and three from East Arnhem Land: Gulumbu Yunupingu, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu and Barrupu Yunupingu.

Each etching  is presented separately in a folio. $195 

Shirley Purdie, Collector's Folio

Shirley Purdie, Collector's Folio

Mabel Juli

 Sade Carrington

 Sade Carrington

Gulumbu Yunupingu

Barrupu Yunupingu

Nyapanyapa Yunupingu