20 JUNE - 22 JULY 2018

The Nancy Sever Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by indigenous artists from six remote communities that have been hand-printed by the master printmaker, Basil Hall, and his assistants at his BH Editions studios in Canberra and Braidwood.

The works on paper are all either etchings, woodblock prints, screen prints or combinations of the above that have been drawn, carved or painted by the contributing artists during workshops in remote communities run by Basil Hall. Each is an original work of art, done in the same way that Rembrandt made his etchings, Dürer made his woodblocks and Warhol made his screen prints.

Because the indigenous artists from these six remote communities are primarily painters, they have collaborated with a specialist printmaker, just as Picasso did and Hockney does, the participants doing what they do best, respectful of the others’ contribution. Basil has exposed the artists’ painted layers onto zinc plates or silkscreens in order to print the etchings and screen prints: colour over colour in small editions. The woodblocks are rolled up with an ink-laden roller for each print and then run through a press to get the image to transfer onto quality paper.

The show’s title refers to six of the many participants and their names have been selected simply to introduce the viewers to some of the wonderful and talented characters making art in the bush in the Northern Territory, the Kimberley and the APY Lands across the top of South Australia.

Tim, Tom E., Harry, Rusty, Tiger and Pussycat. Recent Works on Paper with Basil Hall opens at the Nancy Sever Gallery on Wednesday 20 June and runs until Sunday 22 July 2018. For further information on the exhibition please contact Nancy Sever at nancy.sever@iinet.com.au or Tel 02 6182 0055. The Gallery is open Wednesdays to Sundays 11am – 5pm.

Artworks included in the exhibition. 

Printer and collaborator: Basil Hall

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